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Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs Guide

When shopping for an area rug, you are not limited to just the selection we have on the racks. We can provide you with a number of reasons why you may choose to have an area rug made out of broadloom and have it finished around the edges, rather than buying a rug that has been premade. At Quality Carpet One Floor & Home we have the experts to help you buy the best area rug for your home!


Not only are you saving a little bit on the cost compared to a premade rug, but you can also choose from carpet remnants and save even more. Custom area rugs mean you can chose the design and shape of the rug, making it something all your own and unique to your home.



The Benefits of Area Rugs

Custom area rugs feature a lot of different benefits like being made into the shape you want, being affordable, and also its ability to match the current carpet in your home. Why would you want to match your area rug to your carpet? One example would be that you installed wall-to-wall carpet in an area of your home, but have hardwood flooring in a different room nearby. You want to have an area rug that will not just complement the carpet, but match it. So, by choosing a custom broadloom area rug, you can match the same carpet you laid in the other room.


Area rugs not only add style to your space but also offer protection for your flooring investments and create a barrier between foot traffic and your new luxury vinyl, tile, or hardwood floor. You can place area rugs almost anywhere in your home like in a living room under furniture, in your bedroom under your bed, even a dining room under the table. Many homeowners choose also to create custom stair runners, or use more durable options as welcome mats in entryways.


Sizing an area depends on how much space you have in your room and your own personal taste. An area rug can help define and tie together a room. Placing furniture on top of an area rug creates an intimate feel and encourages conversation. Moreover, area rugs help cover up unwanted stains or blemishes in your flooring, and if you choose a patterned area rug you do not have to worry about getting to a mess right away if you miss it.


If you’d like to learn more about how we can create you a custom area rug, be sure to stop by our showroom in Leduc, AB today!

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