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Hardwood Flooring in Leduc, AB

The use of hardwood flooring dates back hundreds of years, and it remains a classic flooring option today. Hardwood flooring can create a natural and dramatic impact and it can last for decades, thanks to advancements in flooring technology. At Quality Floor Coverings in Leduc, Alberta, we understand the importance of selecting hardwood flooring tailored to fit your needs. But how do you know which hardwood flooring is right for you? Keep reading to learn more about our hardwood options, and what to consider when choosing your flooring.



Which Hardwood Flooring Style Is Right For Me?

When choosing your flooring, it’s best to consider your interior style. Is your space warm and inviting or light and airy? Do you prefer a European Farmhouse aesthetic or a Mid-Century Modern vibe? Regardless of your style, hardwood flooring is a great way to elevate any space. Here are some questions to consider when shopping for your flooring:


Hardwood styles can vary by region. However, we provide hardwood flooring styles to suit just about all of our customers’ needs!



Solid vs. Engineered: Which One Should I Choose?

Solid hardwood is made of – yep, you guessed it – solid wood. As the name suggests, solid hardwood is as durable as it gets, with the advantage of an incredibly long lifespan. As previously stated, solid wood flooring comes in a variety of looks and finishes, and it can be refinished multiple times throughout the year. However, solid hardwood is more susceptible to warping, especially in our region where temperatures fluctuate. We recommend purchasing a humidifier for use during the dry, winter months. This will ensure a healthy hardwood floor for many years to come!


Did you know? Our most requested hardwood is Maple! We provide hardwood options that can withstand the extreme weather conditions specific to our region of western Canada. Engineered hardwood is a modern alternative to solid planks. Here’s a closer look at engineered hardwood:



Can I Refinish My Hardwood Flooring?

Absolutely! There are many ways to refinish your hardwood flooring, including:



Hardwood Flooring Installation

If you’re ready to invest in hardwood flooring, we recommend hiring a professional for installation. We take pride in our premium selection of hardwood flooring, as well as our installation process, where we ensure all flooring and furniture are protected. Our installers will add felt protectors to all furniture before installation and they will provide a complimentary Hardwood Cleaning Kit for your flooring upon completion.



Our Hardwood Flooring Selection

At Quality Floor Coverings Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re proud to offer premium hardwood flooring products, including Natures Walk, Voyager, and Lauzon. As part of the largest cooperative of independent flooring stores throughout Canada and the US, we boast the buying power of nearly a thousand other vendors. Visit us at 4703 50th Avenue in Leduc, AB, or view our online hardwood flooring selection.



Learn More About Hardwood



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Taking Care of Hardwood

Hardwood flooring costs can represent a significant

upfront investment, which is why it’s important to

properly care for them so they last. Here are a few

tips for preserving your new floor’s beauty

and extending its lifespan.